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Dólares Libre is the first currency marketplace in Latin American countries.
In our platform you can buy and sell dollars with debit card, credit card and bank transfer at the best free market price, without bank intermediaries or exchange spread, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Sellers create offers.

The seller controls the offer amount.

You choose a seller and how much you want to buy.

You can buy as much as you want. We have a minimum of U$S 100 per operation.

Dólares Libre release the money when both persons do their part.

In this way, we take care of the security of all users of the application.

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Buying and selling dollars has never been so easy!

Authorized by the Central Bank of the Argentina Republic
Dólares Libre is registered in the Register of Currency Exchange Operators of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic and complies with all legal regulations of the Argentine Republic.
Technologically different
Our unique and innovative technology allows us to make bank transfers in minutes, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Unlike traditional banks who take the usual 48-72 hours and only operate on business days in banking hours. Dólares Libre is the only operator that allows you to buy dollars with credit card or debit card.
We're here to improve the currency exchange market forever! 😎
What is Dólares Libre?
It is the first currency exchange marketplace in Latin American countries. In our platform you can buy and sell dollars at the best free market price, without banking intermediaries or exchange spread.
What is the Dólares Libre mission?
Transparent, democratize, innovate and facilitate the currency exchange market.
Can I buy dollars with debit card or credit card?
Yes, you can actually take advantage of “Mercado Pago's” banking promotions to pay your dollars. All debit card and credit card transactions are processed by “Mercado Pago”.
How does Dólares Libre works?
Our platform links buyers and sellers. Offers from different sellers and buyers are available on our platform. You can select the best option and transfer the money to Dólares Libre. We transfer your purchase to your bank account. While you link to other people's offers, transfers are made to and from Dólares Libre accounts.
Is it safe?
It is 100% safe, because Dólares Libre guarantees the security of the transaction. The price doesn’t change for the term of one hour, which is the time you have to make the transfer in pesos when you buy dollars. After this time, the purchase is cancel and you can try again.
How long can an operation take?
Using the platform takes less than a minute, if you already have your personal data preloaded. Buy or sell operation can never take more than an hour which is the maximum time to make the transfer in pesos from the person who buys dollars.
Can I use Dólares Libre at any time?
Yes, during 24 hours 7 days a week.
What requirements do I have to use Dólares Libre?
You must have a pesos account and a dollar account in your bank and have the ability to make electronic bank transfers. For more details, see Terms and Conditions.
How do I use Dólares Libre?
The use is simple, you download the APP, complete your personal data and link your Bank Code (CBU in Argentina). Then you start buying and selling dollars from the comfort of your home.
What documentation do I need to register?
We just need your National ID.
Do I have some amount limits on the transactions?
The monthly limit is 200,000 Argentine pesos, but this limit can be extended with some extra and simple information that we need from you. To extend your limit you must contact us (
How do I contact Dólares Libre?
By the same platform – in the contact section- or by mail to or by our social networks.
How much money do I make when I use Dólares Libre?
We will show you how much you have earned in your currency exchange with Dólares Libre, in comparison to your bank's and other banks.
How Dólares Libre earn money?
We charge a commission that will always be much better for you than offers by bank intermediaries. The innovative technonology of Dólares Libre links the vast majority of banks platforms in Argentina, so we can charge a very low commission.
Are Dólares Libre registered at the Central Bank of Argentina?
Yes, right. We are a fintech company registered in the Register of Currency Exchange Operators of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, therefore we comply with all the financial regulations of the country.